Starting a diary, whether or not it’s for private use or for business, is a frightening task. The work becomes even additional stringent as your diary grows, and you’ll have to be compelled to learn all regarding computer program optimisation (SEO), a touch of basic markup language, and even some social media selling. However, the primary step for any blogger is to pick out a platform.

There area unit varied solutions obtainable for blogging, however 2 of the foremost renowned area unit WordPress and Blogger. These platforms every have their own best use cases, in addition as some distinctive execs and cons. Once you recognize the way to opt for the proper one, you’ll be ready to produce a diary that matches your wants.

In this post, we’ll compare the options of each WordPress and Blogger, and take a better check out the benefits and drawbacks of every one. Then we’ll assist you choose the proper platform for your wants. Let’s get started!





Blogger and WordPress area unit each blogging platforms, however with slightly completely different meant uses. Blogger is principally used for private blogs and journals, whereas WordPress is employed to make a additional intensive array of web site varieties (including personal and skilled blogs, eCommerce stores, business sites, and more).

These variations in use could lead you to believe that there’s a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ platform for your diary. whereas neither Blogger nor WordPress are going to be right for all users, WordPress will supply additional skillfulness and options. this can be why WordPress runs regarding thirty one.6% of internet sites on the web, and Blogger solely runs a fraction of that (at zero.8%).

However, before you create a choice, it’s vital to think about the execs and cons of each choices. Let’s take a better check out every platform and its practicality.





As one of the foremost well-liked blogging platforms of the 2000s, Blogger has earned its name among the content management giants. Its acquisition by Google helped to additional launch it into the limelight, though the service has small in quality over time.

The greatest profit offered by Blogger is its value – free. this can be appealing to new bloggers World Health Organization area unit simply obtaining their feet wet, and to those that might not want a fully-customizable platform. After all, why get hold of options you aren’t seemingly to use?

In addition, Blogger is in hand by Google, which suggests you’ll be able to make certain that your platform is extremely secure. You don’t have to be compelled to take any further steps once it involves protective your diary, in contrast to with WordPress (which we’ll discuss below).

As we tend to mentioned, Blogger will have some vital limitations. Namely, you have got little or no management over the practicality and look of your diary. you’re conjointly not the owner of your web site, therefore it is deleted while not your consent at any time.

In addition, the restricted post writing choices area unit seemingly to directly have an effect on what you’ll be able to do as a blogger. This platform’s offerings area unit basic naturally (so on promote simplicity), and that they can’t be extended if you opt you wish additional advanced tools and options.


WordPress was based when Blogger, and was at the start seen as a contestant. However, the 2 platforms have developed in dramatically alternative ways, and WordPress is currently the king of Content Management Systems (CMSs).


One of the foremost enticing options of WordPress is that it allows you to self-host your web site. That is, you decide on an online hosting supplier yourself, and pay the hosting fees related to it.

This enables you to own your own name (as hostile a subdomain, like those offered by Blogger). A custom name is extremely helpful for businesses and additional ‘serious’ bloggers.

WordPress is additionally extremely customizable, with thousands of themes to decide on from which will alter its look. you’ll be able to conjointly use plugins to increase your site’s practicality, and even connect your WordPress account with alternative services you utilize (such as WooCommerce and MailChimp).

Finally, WordPress could be a extremely secure platform out of the box. What’s additional, you’ll be able to use a spread of dedicated security plugins to form it even safer, protective each you and your guests.

The skills needed to run a self-hosted WordPress web site area unit stripped-down, however the necessities is overwhelming those simply searching for a basic platform on that to host their diary. mistreatment WordPress is additionally not free (although WordPress will supply its own free blogging platform that’s kind of like Blogger’s), however the price concerned is usually stripped-down.

WORDPRESS VS BLOGGER: World Health Organization WINS?
WordPress and Blogger area unit each helpful platforms in their claim. So, that is that the best choice for you? this may rely entirely on your wants.

If you’re searching for an easy blogging platform that’s freed from charge and needs little or no within the means of management, then Blogger is probably going the simplest possibility for you. Despite its lack of practicality and customizability, Blogger is ideal for those that simply want a basic place within which to post their thoughts or opinions.

However, if you would like a additional powerful platform that provides you the liberty to customise and expand, then WordPress ought to be your go-to answer. WordPress is used for several applications, from a basic diary to associate degree eCommerce search, and there’s nearly no limit to what it will do. Hosting your own diary is additionally best for those that want an expert on-line presence.



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