Facebook Messenger now lets you delete messages for everyone with this new WhatsApp-like feature


New Delhi: The social media giant Facebook has finally rolled out the much-awaited feature on its messaging application which allows users to revoke their messages on Facebook Messenger within ten minutes of sending it – just like Whatsapp! Yes, you got it right. The Mark Zuckerberg company has launched this new feature called ‘Remove for Everyone’ that let users unsend their messages on its instant messaging platform. However, the new feature is still limited to some users and will soon be available for all Facebook users.

According to reports, the Facebook team was working on it since and long time and has finally rolled out the new feature to some of its users in BoliviaPolandLithuania and Colombia initially. The new feature will be available for both Android and iOS users across countries at the earliest possible.

The announcement of this all new – Remove for Everyone – feature comes almost seven months after the social media giant faced backlash over secretly deleting CEO’s posts from his recipients’ inboxes. Now the company is planning to give the same rights to its over two billion users across the world. Speaking to Techcruch, a Facebook spokesperson informed that the feature was on the discussion table since quite some time and has finally been rolled out. “We have discussed this feature several times. And people using our secret message feature in the encrypted version of Messenger have the ability to set a timer − and have their messages automatically deleted,” the spokesperson said.

The Remove for Everyone feature of Facebook is similar to WhatsApp’s Delete for everyone feature which gives its users a duration of 60 minutes to delete their texts.

Here’s a stepwise guidance on how to use Facebook Messenger’s Remove for Everyone feature:

Step 1: Update your Facebook Messenger when the feature gets mass rollout signal

Step 2: Open Facebook Messenger and send a text to any of your friends

Step 3: Long press on the text you wish to unsend.

Step 4: Tap on ‘Remove’ from the list of actions available below.

Step 5: Select ‘Remove for Everyone’ if you want to remove it permanently.

Step 6: Your text will be removed with a tombstone similar to WhatsApp.

It is to be noted that the message can be permanently removed only within ten minutes of it being sent. As of initial reports, it is also learned that Facebook will keep the deleted message in the database for a while in case any user is reported and they can be reviewed.

It is also being said that the social media giant is working on improving the Remove for Everyone feature with more options available to it. Users will also be able to select an expiration date for messages or an entire conversation thread.

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